Snapchat Have Brought in Strong.Codes to Deal With Plagiarism

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If you haven't noticed, people seem to love stealing ideas from Snapchat. Whether or not it can be characterised as the sincerest form of flattery or straight up intellectual property theft, it just seems to keep on happening. Several higher ups within Snap Inc have commented on it in the past, particularly with regards to Facebook, and it now it seems that they're actively doing something about it - they've acquired the team behind Strong.Codes.

Strong.Codes was developed as a way of concealing web code so that it couldn't be lifted and used elsewhere. Snap first brought in the co-founder, Laurnet Balmelli, at the beginning of the year, and as the months have gone by, they've gradually picked off one team member after the other, and now they have the complete set. As a result, Strong.Codes is no more, and now the team are fully committed to their work with Snapchat.

It's not entirely clear what the Strong.Codes team are doing for the platform, but reports suggest that it's one arm of an elaborate effort to keep Snapchat's developments a much more closely guarded secret. The copycatting issue has become so pronounced of late that Snapchat's ideas are appearing on other apps before they've even had the chance to include them, and Instagram has started overtaking them in several key areas, despite only very recently embarking on their mission to emulate the yellow ghosts.

With their financial future looking so uncertain/unstable, it's understandable that Snap would want to do everything they can to protect their assets. The issue is, no matter how closely Snapchat's code is guarded, Facebook are bigger, richer and have a legion of expert programmers at their command. If they want to copy something, they'll do it, with or without the blueprints. Even with that in mind though, by acquiring the Strong.Codes team, Snap have increased their European presence (they're based in Switzerland) and broadened the talent base of their staff. Both important steps.

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