Snapchat's Ad Creation Tool Has Arrived

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In the wake of some fairly unpleasant news about their dwindling stock valuation, Snap are still doing everything they can to demonstrate their value to advertisers. Slowly but surely, they've been broadening the advertising options on Snapchat and now they've released the ad creation tool - Snap Publisher. They've been teasing this for a while now, as well as improving metrics and analytics, and now we get to see what the app looks like when advertisers are given all the tools they need to tailor their content.

Snap Publisher offers a small array of different templates, each of which is fully customisable with all the content types users are able to upload, as well as company logos. Once the ad is built, it gets published on Ad Manager, another business feature which Snap recently brought out. In both cases, small to middle sized businesses with less budget and resources for advertising are being targeted.

Bringing in brands with shallower pockets might not seem like the best move for a company with stock valuation which is moving the wrong way, but a general increase in brand interest and activity can still look good on an earnings report, such as the quarterly one Snap are due to publish in about a month's time. It bodes well for the future, and at present Snap don't really have much to show off, so it makes sense to focus on things which look set to boost ROI further down the line.

The second part of that is user growth, which is even more critical. There's little benefit in a more versatile advertising space if there isn't anybody there to advertise to. Snapchat's user growth rates aren't what they used to be, but the hope is that all the recent new additions have brought in more users, but more specifically, that they've withstood the attempts by Facebook to lure their clientele to their platforms.

As far as brands are concerned, this will be an important test, internal advertising tools are great but they have to be more versatile and more convenient than any other third party options. More than that though, Snap need to prove that it's worth making the effort to create specific ads within Snapchat. If the engagement figures don't ad up, little will change.

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