Tinder Gold is Giving Users Swiping Priority

Tinder have launched a brand new, VIP version of the app for people willing to pay a subscription fee. If that sounds somewhat familiar, it's because it actually already exists. Tinder Plus has been kicking around for a while, enabling users to access features like 'Super Like', 'Rewind' and 'Boost'. Tinder Gold is a step above this, it offers everything Tinder Plus does, and one additional feature. That might not sound like a vast improvement, but the exclusive feature is a doozy.

Tinder Gold users will be able to see which potential matches have swiped right on them before they make a decision one way or the other. So, essentially, they'll be able to tell whether or not they're going to get a match before swiping. This feature is being called 'Likes You' and it's being tested in Argentina, Mexico, Canada and Australia at the moment. No word yet on when it will make an appearance in any other markets.

The other thing Tinder have yet to reveal is how much it's going to cost. Tinder Plus has a tiered price system based on age. In the UK, anyone under 28 pays £3.99 per month,  while anybody older than that pays £14.99. In the US it's $9.99 for under 30s and $19.99 for 30 and over. It's unclear whether or not Tinder will continue this trend of age-based pricing for Tinder Gold, but given the nature of the feature, it's more likely to have a fixed price, regardless of whether you're generation X, Y or Z.

In any case, what we do know is that Plus subscribers will have to pay a basic fee increase, and it will be cheaper overall to pay a longer term subscription, say 6 or 12 months. Is it worth it though? For avid Tinder users, it probably is, having guaranteed matches presented to you saves time, and makes it easier to figure out whether or not you're interested in opening up a dialogue with the person looking back at you. When using Tinder normally, this is all just speculative.

Once Gold is enabled, you'll see your likes in a gold circle at the top of the matches/messages screen, with a little number next to it indicating how many new ones you have. Tapping the circle takes you to a grid of all the profiles, and from there you can either swipe left/right or tap the pictures to have a closer look at the profiles. It's an elegant system, but it's hard to ignore the fact that it's laid out almost exactly like an online shopping platform.

Creepy as that is, it's a logical step, one which Tinder are hoping will increase the ratio of paid subscribers versus free users. Tinder isn't the dominant force in online dating that it once was, their principle USP is being used by hundred of other apps now, but new features like this might help give them their edge back.

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