Twitter Roll-Out Another Update to Tackle the Trolls

Creating a safe space online is a difficult task. There's no foolproof plan to ensure that the internet is secure and free from abuse without a level of monitoring that sounds like something out of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four or another equally dystopian novel.

While the problem persists pretty much everywhere online, the abuse is largely concentrated on the various social media platforms that are used by billions of people around the world.

Trolls are notorious on Twitter, more so than anywhere else, and dealing with them is something that the eleven year old social networking service is constantly struggling with. The company has rolled out various updates in the past to tackle problems on their site, including moving DMs from unknown users into a separate inbox, and this week they added another one into the mix that aims to silence the people harassing you.

By going into the 'advanced filters' tabs in your notification settings, you can now find several new options to mute people who you don't follow, who don't follow you, or who have just registered a new account. These join existing options to block notifications from accounts that don't have a profile picture and that haven't confirmed their phone or email.
The new update will prove useful for blocking people who create multiple new accounts just to hurl abuse at users; however it does little to deal with the larger issue at hand. Rather than addressing the hurtful behaviour that plagues the social network, Twitter is merely offering people a way to put it on mute, which does very little to actually reduce the activity of online trolls. Users shouldn't have to constantly go to the trouble of blocking notifications from unpleasant tweeters when they're the ones being harassed.

It's a step forward, though, no matter how small, and will do a good enough job while Twitter work on a better way to handle the larger problem. People can at least benefit from this new ability to clear their feeds of nuisance tweets, even if it does mean a little extra effort on their behalf.

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