Messenger Will Now Give You Spotify Suggestions

Messenger is about so much more than just letting you chat to your friends, and one of its more impressive features is a kind of AI assistant called 'M'. At present, M's repertoire is limited to helping you arrange Uber rides and setting reminders about paying people back (two things which are often connected). Now M is being given a new bowstring - the ability to recommend music on Spotify.

Facebook have already implemented the ability to create Spotify playlists directly through Messenger, so this seems like a logical next step. By simply typing 'play music' or 'listen to music' into a particular conversation, M will trigger and display a 'Find Music' option within the dialogue box. Pressing the button will link you directly out to your Spotify.

That's just a bridge to a separate program though, the real fun begins when you mention an artist by name. Do that, an M will provide a direct link to their Spotify profile, even if you just mention them in passing. It might not sound like much, but if you're recommending music to somebody else, it makes it that much easier to take them from a name to a sound (provided they actually have Spotify).

After a link has been clicked, a new one comes up - Share More Music - through this you can see recently played tracks, albums and playlists, search for more music and even start making the aforementioned group playlists. It acts like a little hub for all the Spotify options you can access through Messenger.

It's worth pointing out that there was already a Spotify extension on Messenger which offered a few of these options, but M speeds the whole process up and generally makes it more intuitive, which is important. M's Spotify helper is appearing for some users but not others at the moment, so keep your Messenger updated and sit tight.

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