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Almost everything Pinterest have done to improve the platform over the past year has been in the name of better search functionality. With the impending introduction of Lens, Pinterest are on track to become the most accurate image searching service on the internet, and they want all their users to know. In the latest update, the search bar has been moved from the navigation bar to the home page. It only saves users a single click/tap, but that doesn't diminish the significance of this move.

In particular, this is aimed at mobile users, who themselves make up 85% of the searching done on the platform. In previous versions, users had to go to the navigation tab if they wanted to search for something, but now the option is right there in front of them the moment they boot up the app. This brings both text-based searching and image searching (done using a button with a camera icon) right to the front of the Pinterest experience.

Lens is still in beta testing, but Pinterest are likely hoping that by the time it's ready, their searching statistics will be even higher, and it will be easy to introduce people to it without having to hold their hands. Pinterest have been gradually reinventing themselves as a web searching tool for some time now, and Lens is the most significant step they've taken in that direction. Once it's ready, they need to point a spotlight at it.

As well as text and image searching, Pinterest are championing 'mood board' searching as a way of finding things. In many cases, people visit Pinterest with a rough idea of what they're trying to find, but not necessarily any specific terms. The mood board option allows users to select a range of terms applying to what they're after, and gradually refine the results until they hit the target. Combined with Lens (which is being improved and expanded all the time), this gives Pinterest a unique and intuitive approach to searching.

Aside from moving the search bar, Pinterest have also added a recommendations section which is constantly updating based on pins and searches made. The updated Pinterest is available now for iOS and the Android version isn't far behind.

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