Snapchat are Bringing College Newspapers into Discover

Snapchat Discover is becoming broader all the time as the company continue to bring in new contributors from publications all around the world. It serves as a draw to a more international audience, and a slightly older one, as well as being one of Snapchat's most significant steps towards becoming a viable news outlet. Snapchat are tinkering with Discover all the time, and most recently that's meant some experimentation with college journalism.

The company has confirmed that last spring, they conducted a soft launch for a college specific publisher within Discover. College papers could publish material which was only available to students at said university, much like the paper itself. At that point, only a small set of schools, such as Dartford and UCLA, but now it looks like the project is expanding ahead of the autumn semester.

This isn't the first time college material has been integrated into Snapchat. Campus Stories pulled together snaps from users all over the college in question and used them to create a spread of content surrounding particular campus events or general goings on. In this case, student journalists are being given the chance to access the same platform as papers like the New York Times, only in a kind of hyper-localised format.

It's not clear yet exactly how many US colleges will be brought in this time around, but given that Snapchat are broadcasting this more publicly than they did last time, it's a fair bet that quite a few will be involved. Further down the line, Snapchat might even start doing the same with establishments elsewhere in the world. Snap are based in America and few other countries take college papers as seriously as America does, granted, but Snapchat is being sold more and more as a truly international platform, and Snap would be wise not to favour their US users too heavily.

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