Snapchat's Advanced Ad Mode Looks a Lot Like Facebook's Power Editor

Snapchat have tried to play the civil game. Despite repeated copycatting by Facebook, they've carried on doing their own thing and refused to stoop to cheap tactics, and it's done them virtually no good whatsoever. A combination of waning growth, migration over to Facebook-owned platforms (particularly Instagram) and, of course, the ongoing IPO nightmare has left the company in a deep hole. It seems perfectly reasonable that, after all that, they might decide to take a few cues from their biggest competitor, and so they have.

One of Snapchat's biggest concerns at the moment is keeping advertisers interested. They've been frequently updating their advertising space to make it easier for brands and businesses at all levels to advertise on the platform in the hopes that they can market Snapchat as one of the most versatile advertising spaces on the internet. Now they've added 'Advanced Mode', a special services within Ads Manager which larger businesses can use to roll out more varied, complex campaigns rapidly.

Facebook have a feature which is very similar to this in their arsenal - Power Editor. It launched in 2011 as the final piece in a chain of advertising features designed to improve the monetisation of the platform. It started with direct ad sales and eventually moved in API, which is more or less exactly the path Snap are taking with Snapchat. If you're going to lift any ideas from Facebook, their financial strategy is probably a good bet, especially given that money is the biggest problem Snap have right now.

Ad agencies spend billions on Facebook advertising, compared to hundreds of millions on Snapchat advertising. They will probably never catch up to those figures, but if they start pulling in more blue chip agencies the cumulative revenue could help push their share prices back up and steer them back in the right direction. If their user figure won't rise like Wall Street want them to, they have to find other ways to earn big.

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