The Guy Who Directed Paranormal Activity Has Brought Out a Social Media App

About five million years ago, there was only one Paranormal Activity movie, a remake of a student film written and directed by Oren Peli. Since then, he's acted as a producer on numerous films (including all Paranormal sequels) but only directed a further one. That might be because Peli has been developing a social media app, which was actually the direction his career had been heading in before he started making films.

The app is called 'Spot' and while it covers a range of social activities, it was inspired by the dating scene. Peli came up with the idea when he was single and tired of the same old cafe or bar based dating pattern. Instead, Spot enables people to connect around specific activities. With Spot, people can post activities and put down pins on a map so others can see/search what’s going on in their local area and then get involved.

You can share events either privately or publicly, depending on what you’re trying to organise, and then other people can message the organiser or just indicate that they want to get involved. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s tapping into a market which is shaping the landscape of social media. Apps which encourage people to actually get out and do things in the real world are cropping up all the time, but the formula hasn’t been perfected yet, it hasn’t found its killer app, as it were.

Spot could well be it, but at the moment it’s limited to building a community in Los Angeles, almost as a proving ground. It’s completely free, and the aim further down the line is to get businesses involved and fund the further development of the app through advertising revenue. It seems like Peli has decided to shift his focus away from filmmaking permanently, but given the potential of Spot (and the stagnation of the Paranormal Activity series), that’s far from a bad thing.

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