Android 8.0 Oreo | The Low-Down

The new Android update is here, and is described as "the superhero to have by your side (or in your pocket!)." With the branding being fun and likely to make you fancy an Oreo or two, the update looks pretty impressive: let's take a look at some of the new features...

Android have categorised the new features into two; 'Fluid Experiences' and 'Vitals'. All of the tweaks and updates are to ultimately make your mobile phone experience easy-to-navigate, fast and safe.

Fluid Experiences

The most significant and arguably useful new feature is 'Picture-in-Picture', which allows you to become a multi-tasking maestro. If you're video-chatting with a friend and need to check a text or your calendar, you can still do so, making your video-chat screen smaller and still visible. Or maybe you're enjoying Netflix or YouTube on your phone; if you need to answer a message you can do so without completely switching apps.

Instant Apps is another unique feature in Android Oreo. It allows you to 'teleport' (verb courtesy of Android) to different apps from your browser, without needing to install it. This cuts out the redirection to the Google Play Store, making your experience quick and 'fluid'.

Google Assistant is also included in the update too, with it being easily accessible from selected third-party apps, meaning you can ask a question or look something up without opening a separate app.

Oreo has a great memory too - with the updated Autofill feature, with users' permission can remember information like email addresses, passwords, and phone numbers and autofill forms with a touch of a button. This again makes the whole experience quicker, easier and more efficient.


Android Oreo claims to have a boot speed 2x faster than Google Pixel, and overall performance is increased. There's nothing worse than buffering, long load times or a frozen phone, so this improved, faster runtime will be beneficial.

Oreo is also said to have a more powerful, longer-lasting battery, Android dubbing it the "super power you can't even see. By monitoring and recognising your less-frequently-used apps, the background usage will be cut and managed to ensure battery isn't eaten up by apps you aren't even using. So, you could be saying goodbye to that clunky portable charger you carry everywhere with yoy if you get the update.

The safety and security has also been upped, with Google Play Protect allowing users to scan newly downloaded apps for security threats. This gives piece of mind, safety and ensures performance can remain high without bugs or threats.

So, there you have it. Oreo is going to be available on Google's own Pixel and Nexus devices first, and will then make it's way to some HTC, OnePlus and Nokia models too.

 I'll leave you with Android's promotional video which carries on the fun superhero theme:

Anyone else fancy an Oreo?

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