Instagram's New Updates - Albums and Stories

Instagram has come a long way since it first launched; gone are the days of our feeds solely consisting of low-quality square photographs. Now, there's features like Boomerang, Stories, Layout, Instagram Live, Direct Messaging...all that good stuff: making the app a fun, interactive and creative one.

Over the past week, Instagram have brought two new updates, here's the low-down...

The first update is to the Albums feature. Launched way back in February, the feature went down pretty well, allowing users to share up to 10 photos or videos in one post, easily viewed by swiping across.

img Instagram
The feature is great for when you want to share more than one photo from your crazy night out last weekend, without flooding your friends' feeds. Or perhaps you're a bit of a Insta-grid perfectionist, and so this feature is  a great way to post lots of photos at once, without it being messy with collages or ruining your grid or 'theme'.

So, sharing a collection of photos from an event is easy with the Album's feature. The one thing people weren't a fan of, is that if you chose to post an album, all of the photos had to be kept square - the feature didn't allowing you to zoom in or out to make the photo portrait or landscape, like you can on a regular, single-photo post.

However, the new update of the app - version 12.0 on iOS and Android fyi - fixes this. Kinda. Good news is, you're no longer restricted to squares when creating an album. However, don't be fooled like I was when testing this out - you have to choose a photo orientation, and stick to it. Instagram say this is to "keep the experience smooth and consistent", but this can be a little irritating if the series of photos you want to post consist of both landscape and portrait pics.

While some may be unimpressed that they're still limited in the format of their album photos, Instagram has done a few other things to update the feature. You can now edit your tags after publishing your album, and you can also save them as drafts on iOS.

The second and most recent update is concerning Stories.
img Instagram
Instagram Stories are pretty cool - I see them as Snapchat's cooler, edgier, older brother (ironic as Snapchat came up with the idea, but we've already covered that drama). The Stories feature is extremely popular and advanced, - Instagram reports that 250 million people use it every day - with new filters and features added regularly.

The new update means that they're now available to view on mobile web on The press release also notes that you'll also be able to post stories from mobile web in the coming weeks.

So, if you prefer to use Instagram on a mobile web browser like Chrome or Safari, instead of directly through the app, you can now access stories!

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