Twitter Bring ‘Night Mode’ to Web

Twitter’s ‘Night Mode’ may seem like a simple aesthetic tweak, but it does in fact serve a purpose, and a highly useful one at that. The Night Mode function is designed for use in low-light situations such as night time browsing, shifting the platform’s colour scheme in order to make it more visible.

This is achieved in a very straight-forward manner, shifting the background to a dark navy colour while the text itself becomes white. This increased contrast makes the text-dominated website much easier to browse at a glance when lighting is insufficient.

For some however, Night Mode is used despite its intended functionality, as many opt to enable it as they simply prefer the darker, arguably-sleeker look.

Night Mode first launched for Android back in 2016 with the iOS version following shortly after; it is one fact one of the few rare examples of a Twitter update arriving on Android devices prior to its appearance on iOS.

While admittedly the addition of night mode does make more sense on Android and iOS devices as you are more likely to use them away from the house than you are a laptop or full-on desktop pc, Twitter have nonetheless now rolled the update out on their web client. Users yesterday began reporting en masse the appearance of the option within their options menu, although some do appear to have seen it earlier while others still, myself included on at least one of my accounts, have yet to see the option when logging in via pc. Gradual rollouts are nothing new in the tech and social media industries however, so bide your time and the option should appear shortly if it has not already.

The option will appear on the drop-down menu opened by selecting your own icon in the upper right of the screen.

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