Baby Snap | Snapchat for Babies?

Baby Snap
With the ever-growing popularity of social media and advances in technology, there seems to be an app for everything out there at the moment. Today we'll bring you the low-down of what appears to be Snapchat for babies - well, kind of.

Baby Snap, developed by parenthood app-makers Hello Baby Inc, is an app which allows parents to take a short one-second snap of their child every day, to result in a time-lapse video. The whole idea is to capture their child's growth in their early stages to leave parents and families something to fondly look back on. So while it's pretty different to Snapchat itself, the principle of short, quick snaps is still in place.

Check out their video below:

The app also has a messaging feature where family members can chat, react to Snaps and make plans, with Baby Snap calling the app "a close family circle, private and secure." When a new snap is added to a thread, family members are notified to view it in the chats, enabling everyone to view special moments in an instant.

In their App store description, the creators also note how the app is great during pregnancy too, as a way to document the growth of Mum's stomach throughout. The app also boasts the fact it's free to download and without ads.

This app, while a simple and fun way to document childhood, may raise the on-going debate of parenting and oversharing on social media - read our take on it here. With Baby Snap, while the videos made on the app can be downloaded and shared on other platforms, the app itself does seem more intimate and family-orientated as compared to when parents initially share (or overshare) on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Hello Baby Inc. also have other parenting apps available to download, including "the first smart parental assistant" Hello Baby, which includes the Baby Snap feature within the app which they call Daily Snapshot, alongside other features like a virtual scrapbook and stickers.

If you're not a parent but like the idea of Baby Snap, you're in luck. The developers also produced Daily Snap, which has the same principle, allowing you to record a second of your day to result in a cool time-lapse video, but it's not centered around babies and family so much. Instead, Daily Snap adopted the 'story' feature, which you can share with your friends within, and out of, the app!

Baby Snap and Daily Snap are currently only available on iOS, however Hello Baby Inc. does have a couple of their parenthood apps available on Android if you're looking for that kind of thing.

What are your thoughts on parenthood apps? Will you be trying out Baby Snap or Daily Snap?

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