Facebook Sets | Similar to Pinterest Boards?

When it comes to competing with other social platforms, Pinterest rarely gets copied due to the simplicity and originality of it. However, other platforms are aware of it's success as a standalone, virtual pin-board site, so it's unsurprising they want to dip their toe in the area and cash in on that success too.

Last week news broke of a new feature that Facebook is trialling, which appears to rip off take inspiration from Pinterest and it's popular Boards element. Facebook Sets is being tested in a select few countries, and is essentially a feature where Facebookers can group together posts - photos, videos and statuses - into one 'Set', which can then be shared with others on the platform.

When one of your Facebook friend's creates a Set shared with everyone, you and all of their other friends are automatically Following it, and it'll appear on your News Feed unless you choose to unfollow. Alternatively, create a 'Secret Set' (similar to Pinterests 'Secret Boards') which can just be shared with a select few people; the privacy settings and who sees your Set is up to you.

So, what would you group together in a Set? Perhaps you're fundraising for a good cause and posting progress on Facebook. Make a Set of all of the posts, photos and updates of your fundraising journey over time which you can easily access, and your friends can go directly to if they're interested in how you're getting on.

Or, maybe you have a hobby or passion which isn't to everyone's taste, so make a Set of posts to do with that subject and invite those who share your interest to view it; Sets could work well for targetted sharing.Where it comes close to Pinterest is if it was used for wedding/party planning, recipe ideas etc. Collect these posts and pop them all in one place, sharing with who you wish, much like Pinterest users do.

Facebook provided the following statement about Sets to Tech Crunch:

“We’re testing a way for people to create sets of specific posts, photos and videos for just the friends that want to follow along.”

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