Facebook Snaps Up Nine-Week-Old Positivity App tbh

App-developers either succeed with their creations, or they don't. Small Oakland company Midnight Labs have trialled and tested 14 apps over the past five years which unfortunately failed, but now, they've struck it well-and-truly 15th-time-lucky with tbh, which was launched in August.

Since it's launch just nine weeks ago, the positivity polling-app aimed at teens has hit an astonishing 5 million downloads across the US states it's available in; as it's such a small app, it's still being rolled out and is currently available in a select number of states after starting in a Georgia high school.

tbh's slogan is 'see who likes you' and it's aim is to remove the competitive , rivalrous and mental-health-damaging material which is present on other social media platforms.The poll questions are decided by the app, (but can also be submitted by users) and are all positive and complimentary such as 'most likely to become famous', 'who has the best smile?' and 'hope we stay in touch after Graduation'.

Users vote on the polls anonymously and the multiple choice answers are your friends, synced from your contacts, and whoever you choose has the best smile for example, gets notified, making them feel good about themselves; compliments all round!

The app has taken off in high-schools across the states, and none-other-than Facebook acquired it earlier this week. The figure isn't confirmed, but its rumoured to be less than $100 million.

The four co-creators of tbh, Bier, Erik Hazzard, Kyle Zaragoza and Nicolas Ducdodon, will become Facebook employees and work in-house with the company at the Menlo Park headquarters - unlike Instagram and WhatsApp who operate seperately but still under Facebook.

tbh's post, announcing their 'new home', reads as follows:

"When we met with Facebook, we realized that we shared many of the same core values about connecting people through positive interactions. Most of all, we were compelled by the ways they could help us realize tbh’s vision and bring it to more people.

"Going forward, your experience on tbh won’t change and we’ll continue to build the features you love—now with plenty more resources."

The app is currently only available in a number of states and on iOS only, but it's set to expand further across the US and onto Android devices too.

As far as parent-companies go, Facebook's up there with the best with the ability to provide funding, engineering expertise, and expansion; tbh is set for a bright future.

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