Google is Offering $1,000 to Anyone Who Can Hack Their Most Popular Apps

Google have teamed up with bug bounty platform HackerOne to crack down on bugs and security vulnerabilities in their apps - and are offering $1,000 to those who help them out.

HackerOne and Google Play have launched the Google Play Security Reward Program, and it kinda does what it says on the tin; the program is looking to tighten app security, and reward successful hackers in the process. Ultimately, the increased app security achieved from the program "will benefit developers, Android users, and the entire Google Play ecosystem."

The launch shows thirteen Google Play apps are participating, and these were selected based on popularity amongst Android users. The lucky thirteen include popular-dating app Tinder, selfie-lover-favourite Snapchat, cloud storage app Dropbox, and others such as DuoLingo, Headspace and Mail.Ru. Google say that while only thirteen apps are participants at the moment, more will be added over time.

So, how does the program work?

If a security vulnerability is identified by a hacker on one of the participating apps, it must be reported directly to the app-developers who then work with the hacker to investigate and reslove the vulnerability. It's then that the Android security team gain knowledge of the vulnerability and give the $1,000 to the appropriate individual as a thanks for their contribution to making the Google Play ecosystem safer.

Vineet Buch, Director of Product Management at Google Play comments, "As the Android ecosystem evolves, we continue to invest in leading-edge ideas to strengthen security. Our goal is continue to make Android a safe computing platform by encouraging our app developers and hackers to work together to resolve unknown vulnerabilities, we are one step closer to that goal."

The $1,000 reward from Google is additional to the reward from the original app-developers' bounty program, so if you're clued-up on hacking, this could be something that could get you big-bucks for your efforts. Read further information on the program on their launch post here.

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