Instagram Introduces Superzoom | A Review

Being a fan of photography, preferring their version of Stories and the artsy features like Boomerang and Layout, I've said previously that Instagram is my favourite app. However I've found that the new feature which Instagram have brought out is pretty underwhelming.

Superzoom is an option alongside Boomerang, Rewind and Hands-free etc. on the Story camera. Launched at the end of last week, the feature is there for users to make "a funny video with dramatic sound effects", easily. Instagram comments:

"You can make a Superzoom of anything — your selfie, your friend’s goofy face or even your half-eaten sandwich. As always, you can send your video to your friends on Instagram Direct or add it to your story."

The idea behind the feature is a good one; zooming into someones face can make pure comedy gold, made popular by that old-school chipmunk video, and that vine of the girl with the snazzy sunglasses on, with a-Ha's 'Take on Me' playing in the background...iconic.

However Superzoom isn't as effective as it could be in my opinion; I think manually-zooming in on the regular camera feature gives a funnier effect, as you can alter the speed of the zoom; but that's just me.

While I'm not totally sold with the feature, see some Twitter-user's reactions to the feature...

The feature I am pretty impressed with is that when you film a three-to-fifteen second Superzoom video, suspenseful audio automatically plays in the background, which adds comedic value and is comparable to the chipmunk video. To film a three-second video, press the record button once; to film an up-to-fifteen-second video, hold it down, prolonging the end, zoomed-in frame.

Instagram's product manager Jyoti Sood told Tech Crunch that Superzoom was inspired by users already zooming in for comedic effect: “Time and time again, we have seen people using Instagram’s camera to zoom in on their friends to capture and create funny moments. We wanted to make it easier for them to do that in our camera while also offering a playful new touch with sound.”

I do think with further customisation options, like choice of music and the ability to alter zoom-speed, this could be pretty effective and fun feature which stands out in the social-media crowd. What are your thoughts?

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