Instagram Now Lets You Live-Stream With a Friend

Live-streaming is now a common feature on social media, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all having their own version of 'going live', enabling users to share moments as they happen. Instagram are the first to step-up the feature, by introducing two-person live streaming, encouraging users to 'go Live with a friend' in their newest update.

To add a guest to your live-stream, simply tap the 'Add' icon, which is shown above as two smiley faces at the bottom of the window. You then choose the user you want to add, and both users' followers can view the stream and interact. Any user can leave at any time, and if you want to add somebody else instead after a while, you can do that too.

Joint live-streaming is kind of like video-chatting your friend, with an audience. The feature has uses beyond that though, which really sets Instagram apart from their competition.

Firstly, it allows users to be more social and make use of the Live feature; alone, Live-streaming can seem quite daunting, but with a friend, it may be easier and give more confidence to users to go Live.

Secondly, this feature could be great for influencers and brands. Two-person live-streams are convenient if users can't be together but need to appear together - now they can, virtually. Announcements and open discussions could occur between brands and influencers, potentially boosting reach for one another and creating a social, informal, fun platform.

The feature is available on version 20 of the app on iOS and Android, so if you're looking to try it out, get updating!

Instagram conclude their blog post announcing the update with the following:

"Since introducing live video last November, millions of people have used it to connect with friends and followers in an authentic way. Now, you can have even more fun connecting with people in the moment."

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