Instagram's New Feature Could Boost Facebook's Stories' Popularity

The 'Stories' feature on social media is one we're all very familiar with, with it being available on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. It's a pretty cool concept which many social media fans love, adding stickers, using filters and filming clips to keep their friends and followers updated on their daily whereabouts. Location, hashtag and event stories are even available now, as a way to connect to others with similar interests or those close-by.

On Snapchat and Instagram, Stories took off, with 250 million daily users on the Instagram version, and 166 million on Snapchat's version (as reported in August of this year). When Facebook launched their version of Stories at the start of 2017, it didn't take off quite so well and is the least used of the three; my best guess is, people were sick of apps stealing each others ideas...

As we all know, Facebook is Instagram's parent-company (bought way back in 2012), and the apps often overlap and work together with features. News broke yesterday that, after trialling the feature in Portugal, you'll soon be able to share your Instagram Story directly to your Facebook Story. All you have to do is tick 'Your Facebook Story' when choosing where to send your story, as seen below.

A spokesperson from Facebook told TechCrunch: "You now have the option to share your Instagram Stories to your Facebook Stories. We’re always working to make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you."
With this feature being rolled out to all users, it could boost the popularity of Facebook Stories, as it's so easy to check that button. It could also be useful for those who like to put the same story across all networks, as they may have different audiences/follower-bases on each but; this will get rid of lower quality downloads and the faff of switching apps.
Facebook say the feature is only available one-way at the moment (Instagram -> Facebook) however they say they aren't ruling out making it reversible in the future if it's a success.

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