LinkedIn's New Talent Insights Feature Provides Just That

LinkedIn - kind of like Facebook, but with your boss or potential employer constantly peering over your shoulder. It's the social platform for business, with 500 million members and 11 million active job listings at any one time. The platform regularly introduces new features in a bid to enhance user experience and make recruitment increasingly efficient and effective.

The latest update to the platform, Talent Insights, was announced at the end of last week at their Talent Connect event, but won't be launched until 2018. Available as a paid feature, LinkedIn aim to empower recruitment and talent management, enabling users to 'make smarter talent decisions with confidence.'

So, what does Talent Insights include? It's split into two sections; Talent Pool and Company Report.

Talent Pool is exactly what it sounds like. It provides recruiters with data about the talent that's out there, which will boost understanding of who to reach out to, and potentially alter their approach. Talent Pool provides information on which talent is being hired where, plus extra information about education and popular industries related to specific talent and skill-sets.

LinkedIn lists the following insights that recruiters can gather from Talent Pool:
  • Where does this talent live and what companies and industries does this talent work in
  • How difficult is it to hire the talent you’re looking for
  • What schools are producing this talent
  • How is this talent engaging with your company on LinkedIn
Company Report is similar in providing detailed data to enhance employers knowledge and strategy, but instead focusses on the company approach and how competitor companies differ.

Here are  a few additional insights you can glean, (as LinkedIn's blog explains):
  • How a company’s workforce is distributed by function and geography
  • Where a company is gaining talent from and losing talent to
  • Which skills at a company are growing the fastest
  • What schools a company is hiring talent from
Company Report aims to provide employers with increased 'competitive intelligence', to again be smarter in how they recruit.

The pricing of Talent Insight is yet to be determined, but due to the in-depth analysis it could provide for recruiters, it's expected to be popular.

LinkedIn's Head of product, talent insights and talent brand Eric Owski comments:

“Just in the past year, we’ve had more than 10,000 requests from companies across the globe asking our team of data insights to help provide answers to those burning questions on talent: What are the best emerging cities to hire engineers? Are we losing critical skills to other companies? How does my employer brand compare to my peers?”

“The reports give you easy-to-understand visualizations of your data for exporting and sharing, with business leaders and key stakeholders."

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