#SaveForLater | A Bookmark Feature is Coming to Twitter

Ever want to show your mates a funny tweet that you saw the other day, and so spend ages searching through your Likes to find it? By the time you've found it, the conversation's moved on, you've missed half of it and everyone's no-longer interested in the comedy-gold-tweet you spent a good 6 minutes searching for.

Or perhaps you see an article pop up on your Twitter feed which is of interest to you, but you haven't got time to read it right now, so you Like it - creating the same problem as with the funny tweet - or try and remember to search it up later, which probabably won't happen.

If you've been in situations like these then here's some good news for you; Twitter's getting a bookmarking feature, which will allow you to save tweets for later should you need or want to go back to them.

I'll be honest, before news broke about the #SaveForLater feature on Twitter via user @jesarshah (see below), I didn't even really realise it's something that Twitter was missing; I was just one of those scrollers who spend ages aimless and determined to find a cute pug meme to show my friend, without ranting about the lack of a a feature to make this process easier. But now that the ideas been brought up, it makes me wonder why the feature wasn't added ages ago: it's a great idea.

Twitter PM Jesar Shah tweeted the following first-look at the new bookmarking feature after recognising that currently, we 'save' tweets by liking, DM-ing or Retweeting - which as just explained, doesn't make them as easy-to-save or easily-accessible as we'd want.

The tweet shows what Shah, alongside her Senior Head of Product colleagues had come up with in the first week; the option to 'Add to Bookmarks' being accessible from an ellipsis icon not currently visible under tweets.

While she notes how this will differ to the eventual final design and functionality, the team are working to ensure that the Like button and Add to Bookmark button differ and are used seperately by users. They're also asking for feedback and contributions from users to ensure the end result is the best it can be.

It seems the idea of this new feature is going down a lot better than the trialling of 280 characters did, with many being in support of bookmarking on Twitter. It's not known when the feature will be completed and released onto the app, however Twitter have confirmed the feature is coming soon.

What are your thoughts of #SaveForLater?

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