Twitter Launches ‘Happening Now’ Feature to Suggest Events & Topics of Interest

At a time when social media platforms seem to be a dime a dozen, ranging from the global behemoths to the countless niche networks, standing out from the crowd is undoubtedly vital if your venture is to survive. Even among the larger players in the field this need for some form of distinction or USP is present; a fact that is recognised by those behind the scenes.

Recently, Twitter have arguably made the most progress in this regard, securing themselves a position as a leading source of to-the-minute global news updates, a hub of celebrity interaction, and a prime destination for sporting content in particular – as evidenced by their streaming deals with the likes of the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Their latest update will, in the long run, aim to capitalise on all the aforementioned factors with the launch of ‘Happening Now’. Heavily reminiscent of the platform’s existing ‘Moments’ feature, albeit a more personalised version, the new feature will suggest events and topics which it thinks will be relevant and of interest to any given user.

Initially rolling out in the US exclusively and focusing solely on sporting content, Twitter plan to expand the feature to cover more countries and topics in the near future.

Twitter announced the new feature with the following tweet:
A short message posted to their official website further explains, “You may see events featured at the top of your timeline labelled as Happening Now. When available, we’ll show you events and topics we think you might be interested in when you open your Twitter for iOS or Android app.”

Tapping on the photo accompanying each topic suggestion will allow you to see the conversation surrounding the event, stay up to date on developments, and interact with fellow fans and other interested parties via Twitter’s standard functionality. Also appearing alongside each topic is a small downward-facing arrow icon. Selecting this icon will bring up a small menu which allows you to see more information regarding the subject and why it was suggested to you, or simply hide the topic entirely.

In the coming months the feature will extend beyond its current parameters of US sporting events and begin to showcase entertainment-related topics and general breaking news from across the globe.
What’s your opinion on the new feature? Will it serve a useful purpose in providing personalised news updates to the platform’s users? Or will it simply clog up news feeds with more unnecessary content that in all likelihood could be found through the existing ‘Moments’ feature? Let us know your thoughts on the matter.

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