Facebook Bring in Former BuzzFeed & Pinterest Execs in Effort to Push Video Content

It’s no big secret that when it comes to video content, Facebook’s standing in the industry isn’t quite where they would like it to be. The platform performs well at least in my own experience in terms of live-streaming, with pages for bands and the like making particularly good use of the feature, but when it comes to curated content their offerings could be accused of being somewhat lacklustre.

Recently the company have made some major steps towards improving the video side of the platform, the most recent evidence of which comes in the form of two high profile new additions to Facebook’s upper echelons - with Matthew Henick, former head of BuzzFeed Studios, and Mike Bidgoli, a former Pinterest executive, both joining the ranks.

Mr Henick is to hold a demanding position within the company, taking the lead in global video content. Mr Bidgoli meanwhile will head up Facebook watch, an initiative launched to a select group of users last August which provides access to content such as women’s basketball, parenting advice, and even an unscripted series by Kim Kardashian West, all via Facebook’s various apps and of course their website.

The two high profile appointments follow a significant ramping up of Facebook’s presence in the sector as it seeks to muscle in on the television market. Whether or not their efforts will ultimately bear fruit however remains to be seen, as they have a long way to go if they are to catch the likes of YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon at the top, and that’s before you even factor in traditional television networks.

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