YouTube Testing Picture-in-Picture Feature for Desktop

Following on from the launch of the picture-in-picture feature for Android Oreo back in November, reports have now emerged which indicate that YouTube are testing the feature across all desktop platforms and browsers.

The basic function of picture-in-picture is to allow videos to continue playing in a small box in the bottom right corner while you browse; a useful addition which gets plenty of use on the many platforms for which it is already available. The feature will function largely the same way on desktop as it does on mobile and other devices.

I say largely the same as reports do indicate one small difference. While on a smartphone you swipe the video in a downward direction to detach it and activate the picture-in-picture function, this appears to happen automatically on desktop with no way to disable it. In all others ways the feature seems to behave as expected, allowing users to view, pause and play the current video, or skip to the next.

YouTube are yet to comment officially on the speculation, but considering how long the feature has been available on others devices and platforms, and its widespread use and popularity, it really would be a surprise if picture-in-picture isn’t made available on desktop soon.

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