Gastronomy and Social Networks

Where do we find the best recipe for an apple pie, shepherd’s pie or ceviche? The days of printed cookbooks lining kitchen shelves are all-but-gone, and now we turn to social networks; here we can find extensive information about any recipe, from the dish’s origins to various forms of preparation. Social networks also have a way of ‘ranking’ the best recipes, separating the sublime from the suspect. So, can we prepare a dish from any country at home? The answer is yes, as long as the supplies can be found where you live. Where this fails we can once again turn to these same networks to consult with friends or websites, finding substitute ingredients for cooking based on what we find in the local market.

What if we do not feel like cooking, but we nonetheless want to eat something extraordinary? There are countless community groups spread across online platforms, formed to allow members to exchange information or perhaps sell their products, and this does of course extend to food. This gives us access to a plethora of reviews and recommendations that can help you find any dish you desire in just about any city, as well as which establishment does it best. It does not matter if the dish is of English, Italian, Hindi, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican or Peruvian cuisine; it is very possible that you will find some place to eat it locally.

So how do we find out if a particular restaurant is good? As previously stated it is through these social networks that we can find the best places to taste international cuisine anywhere in the world. If we ask about a certain place, not even 10 minutes will pass within which a user gives us a favourable or unfavourable opinion about the place. There are always well-informed people in these networks, although there are also businessmen who recommend you a place because they were hired as ‘influencers’, so you must be wary of some recommendations.

The truth is that social networks can make us appear as experts in everything, especially based on our experience, and that is how we can comment on any issue. Just ask on Facebook or Twitter or type something in a search engine to find hundreds of answers about gastronomy. Tastes are always important because they give us clues about a specific target audience. Culinary tastes are one of the most important connections between human beings; around a dinner table you can do big business, have great romances, propose agreements and also plan wars. Bon appétit.

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