New Ways of Interacting in the Digital World

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? For many it’s a rather simple routine; grab a cup of coffee, flick through the newspaper, and perhaps catch up with friends and acquaintances on one of many social networks.

Social networks are the source of many a relationship in the digital age. This is true of both personal and business relationships, and as such not only you should think about marketing products in a traditional way, you should also think about how you may be able to capitalise on the various new kinds of networks that allow us to interact with our target audience.

Yummy Pets, for example, is the name of the social network for pets - this network was created in 2012 and has already been launched internationally. It is said that one-in-ten pets in the UK already has a presence on social networks, with Yummy Pets joining the ranks of other social networks of a similar nature including PetBook and MySocialPet. The interesting thing about all this is the clear advantages that relationship offers us here; specifically the ability to reach a public with different interests and a different sensibility.

Networks become more specialised places every day and you have to be aware of this. We can also find networks for gamers, for moviegoers, for music lovers, etc. Each of them represents a different demographic universe of varied needs. The important thing is to get to know this audience and find out what we can offer, and course how to most-effectively reach them.

The sensitivity of each demographic is different, as is their behaviour. Each group shows a distinct code of ethics and conduct, and can each hold drastically different views on matters such as what exactly constitutes ‘politically correct’. The necessary groundwork is no easy task at first, but after proper investigation we assure you that the results will be excellent.

Our individual interests can affect us in a profound way, rendering us sensitive to a certain kind of content. In much the same manner, we will also go out of our way to protect products, content, and ideals. Studying such behaviours from a marketing standpoint can often be the difference that helps us reach our business goals. To give an example, if I want to reach people who love Anime and Manga (Japanese cartoons and comics), I cannot take the idea of cosplay (people who dress up as their favourite characters from anime or other media) too lightly, or make it the subject of joke or ridicule. In other words, the important thing about all of this is to know your audience and what is important to them. If this is achieved, little by little we will make our way into the commercial market and above all into the hearts of our consumers.

In summary, the important thing is to get to know your audience; learn their likes, dislikes and various intricacies and only then interact with these new markets.

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