Black Button Books’ “Read Something Better” Campaign Takes Aim at Social Media

Have you ever actually sat down and quantified the amount of time you spend absent-mindedly flicking through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Perhaps more importantly, what value do you glean from the time spent? Well according to the latest campaign from Romanian publisher Black Button Books, the answer is far too much, and very little.

The campaign, orchestrated by the Romanian ad agency Friends\TBWA , aims to correct this apparent issue by stating quite plainly that we should “Read Something Better”, breaking away from our endless passive consumption of social media and instead dedicating our time to something more worthwhile.

In a statement provided to Little Black Book Online, an agency representative explained the rationale behind the campaign as follows:

“Romania has one of the lowest reading rates per capita, so together with our client, Black Button Books, an indie publishing house, we decided to try to do something to encourage people to read more. And better.

“The campaign is based on the insight that people don't realize how much they actually read online every day, and they don't realize how much of it is worthless. However, when they see a book, they get discouraged by its length. So, by confronting them with this truth we hope to spark awareness and make them read something better, at least from time to time.”

The campaign itself takes a light-hearted tone, including print placements mocking the three most popular social networks (see article top) and a set of highly creative videos which highlight just how ludicrous the situation can become. The videos reimagine both Facebook and Instagram as physical books, and are quite effective in making their point while maintaining the necessary air of humour.

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