Facebook Launches ‘Youth Portal’, Offering Guidance to Teens on the Platform

The Facebook platform is awash with teen users, and many under their stated minimum age whether they would like to admit to that or not. With this user base comes a perilous predicament; how to keep them safe as they drift away from parental supervision and must learn to navigate the online world of their own accord.

To help their younger users to stay safe and secure on the platform, as well as offer guidance on how to navigate the site itself, Facebook this week launched their brand new Youth Portal. The online resource serves as a central hub for teens who may be concerned or have queries about the platform and its services. The portal offers resources such as:
  • Education: Information on how to get the most out of products like Pages, Groups, Events, and Profile, while staying safe. Plus, information on the types of data Facebook collects and how we use it
  • Peer Voices: First person accounts from teens around the world about how they are using technology in new and creative ways
  • Ways to control your experience: Tips on things like security, reporting content, and deciding who can see what you share
  • Advice: What to do if you need a social media break, and some guidelines for how to get the most out of the internet
The Youth Portal serves as a public example of Facebook’s purported commitment to protecting the privacy of its youngest users, though given how many teens tend to interact with social media apps and platforms I honestly expect this to be largely ignored by its intended audience. Instead, I expect the parents of teens using the platform to frequent the site most often.

The Youth Portal went live on May 15th 2018, and is available in 60 languages.

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