Facebook Showcase Remarkable AR/VR Systems at F8 2018 Conference

Last week Facebook hosted their annual F8 Conference, and this year’s event certainly provided no shortage of talking points. Over the course of the two-day conference Facebook unveiled new dating features, advances in AI and the addition of upvotes and downvotes to name just a few examples, but our highlight from day two has got to be the demonstration given of Facebook’s advancements in the fields of AR and VR.

The demonstration focused on the recreation of realistic physical environments in a digital space. Making use of a brand new prototype system the company’s researchers have been able to convincingly recreate such spaces in full 3D, as displayed in the side-by-side comparison video below.

In a blog post summarising the events of the F8 Conference, Facebook said, “Facebook’s advancements in AR and VR draw from an array of research areas to help us create better shared experiences, regardless of physical distance. From capturing realistic-looking surroundings to producing next-generation avatars, we’re closer to making AR/VR experiences feel like reality.”

Facebook are also testing this functionality on old 2D photos, allowing users to easily recreate spaces from their past and explore them anew. This is achieved using machine learning technology alongside “point-cloud reconstruction”, transforming photos and videos into immersive 3D worlds.

You may have noticed in the above quote that as well as working on the creation of realistic environments to explore, Facebook are also delving into ways to help computers generate photorealistic avatars. Their remarkable progress can be seen in the video below.

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