Twitter Doubles its Premium Content Deals, Bringing Disney & Marvel into the Fold

Video is experiencing something of a boom on Twitter and seems to be turning their fortunes in the process. Twitter assert that video now accounts for more than half of their ad revenue and was again the fastest-growing ad format in the first quarter of 2018; a fact they are clearly keen to capitalise on as the company announced during their 2018 Digital Content NewFronts event that they are upping the number of premium content deals they hold with traditional media partners to nearly double its current figure, and they’re bringing in some pretty notable brands as they do so.

Media companies now partnering with Twitter include the likes of Disney/ESPN, NBC Universal, Viacom, Live Nation Entertainment, Hearst Magazine Digital Studios, and Will Packer Media. The company have also expanded existing deals with sporting bodies such as MLB and MLS.

To give you an idea of the sort of content you can expect, NBC Universal will distribute live video from NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, and E!. Viacom meanwhile will reportedly distribute a total of four live shows based on MTV, BET, and Comedy Central properties.

Most exciting from my own point of view however is the deal with Disney/ESPN, which will bring live shows from ESPN, ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Motion Pictures, and the now global-behemoth that is Marvel.

In a blog post explaining the new deals, the company stated, “Twitter is what’s happening and this makes it a unique and powerful platform for premium video content that people watch and discuss in real time. With these new content offerings, we’re helping people enjoy more great video content, helping publishers drive more revenue, and helping brands align with the best mobile video content, all at massive and accelerating scale. If you’re a brand, there’s no better time to reach and engage your audience through premium video content.”

The timing couldn’t be better for Twitter, and investors are already getting excited about what these new deals may mean for the company’s prospects. I suppose only time will tell on that front, but as users we are surely on the winning end of this.

For a full breakdown of all new content coming to Twitter as part of the new deals, take a look at the summary provided in the original report from Variety.

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