Twitter Rolls out New Feature Grouping News Links with Related Tweets

Twitter seem to be putting a lot of effort into the promotion of news links on the platform as of late; the first sign of this came last month when they began placing such links in prime position atop users’ news feeds, and now they’re going one step further by grouping all related tweets from your friends and extended network together with the story itself.

The new feature shares many similarities with the approach used by rival platform Facebook, who have long since grouped together related links, shares and comments. In the case of Twitter however as it makes even more sense given how they have subtly changed their focus and even the classification of their app from ‘social networking’ to ‘news’ in recent times. It is hoped that this new feature will increase engagement with news articles whilst also helping users to gain a more complete overview of the subject in question as comments relating to the piece will be immediately visible.

The feature will also substantially help in tidying up users’ timelines, as multiple stories on the same subject will no longer appear separately at various points in your news feed.

A twitter spokesperson confirmed in a conversation with BuzzFeed that the new feature has now been rolled out to all users across iOS, Android and desktop. So whatever platform you may use Twitter on, you can expect to see a lot more news links on your timeline from now on.

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