Facebook Bring Gamification to Video Platform, Allowing for User-made Gameshows

Video in general is a fairly passive form of media, particularly in its more traditional form. With the rise of social media an opportunity has arisen however to change this, making video a more participatory and community-centric activity. This is the view held by those over at Facebook, who announced this week a flurry of brand new features designed to make video on the Facebook platform far more interactive.

In an official post announcing the new features, Facebook said, “Talk shows have historically used studio audiences to create interactivity, but imagine if the entire viewing audience could participate in the content together. Videos become more meaningful when people are active participants in the stories, and as viewing habits evolve, we want to enable content that's two-way.

“Today, we're announcing new ways for creators and publishers to create interactive videos. We're starting with polling for both Live and on demand videos, as well as gamification for Live. With these tools, our partners can add a range of new interactive features to videos such as: polls, quiz questions, challenges, and more. These can all be used within an individual video or to create a standalone game show. We're giving creators a blank canvas to allow them to do what they do best - create! - and we can't wait to see how they innovate.”

TechCrunch reports that early partners of the gameshow launch include Fresno’s ‘What’s In The Box’ and Buzzfeed News’ ‘Outside Your Bubble’. If the features prove successful, and I see no reason for them not to, you can expect partners and standalone creators to flock to this newly available form of interactive video.

The company are also testing a feature whereby participants can actually win a cash prize by participating in these gameshows, facilitated via a partnership with Confetti by INSIDER.

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