Facebook Introduce Keyword Snooze Feature to Control News Feed Content & Avoid Spoilers

For many who perhaps are enthralled in a series eagerly awaiting the latest episode or hooked on a sporting season desperate to see that final all-important match, social media can be a minefield of experience-ruining spoilers. I must admit to unfollowing people on social media platforms purely on the basis of their repeated posting of spoilers; however now there may be an easier way to avoid such content without cutting these people out of your news feed entirely.

Enter ‘Keyword Snooze’, a brand new feature from Facebook which allows the platform’s users to temporarily hide posts by keywords, pulled directly from the text within said post. Basically any ‘snoozed’ keywords or phrases will not appear to you from any person, page or group for the duration of 30 days.

“Even though we work to show you the most relevant posts on News Feed, we don’t always get it right. That’s why we’ve designed features like See FirstHideUnfollowSnooze, and now, Keyword Snooze. We hope that with additional options to help tailor your News Feed experience, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on the things that matter.”

The main intended use of this new feature is stated quite plainly to be the avoidance of spoilers; however many may choose to use it to hide conflicting ideas or statements thereby enhancing the often discussed social media echo chamber effect. The feature’s impact in this regard will likely be small, but nonetheless worthy of consideration.

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