Facebook Launch New Tools for Nonprofit Fundraisers

Img: Facebook 
In a blog post released earlier this week, Facebook announced the launch of brand new tools designed to “help make fundraisers even more impactful and accessible”. These new features include allowing brands, public figures and nonprofit pages themselves to fundraise directly from their Facebook page, as well as the ability to add additional members as organizers in order for them to assist with the fundraising process.

The new organizers feature functions much like adding another admin to a Facebook page or group, or listing a friend as a co-host of your event. Up to three individuals can be added as organizers to assist the founding admin in promoting the cause and ultimately, raising more funds.

On the subject of fundraising from Pages, Facebook say that early trials have already achieved promising levels of success. One cited example is that of artists Tegan and Sara, who recently launched a Page fundraiser to help send 100 kids to LGBTQ summer camp in the US and Canada.

“Each of these new features is aimed to help nonprofits raise more from their supporters through Facebook Fundraisers,” Facebook’s post states, “and we’ll continue to work on tools to make fundraisers even more meaningful.”

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