Facebook Launches Grow – A New Marketing Program & Print Magazine for Business Leaders

In a substantial shift from their digital roots, social media giant Facebook recently announced the launch of a brand new print magazine aimed at business leaders and executives. The magazine forms part of a wider marketing program known as ‘Grow’, which Facebook say “started life as a small event in the English countryside three and a half years ago” with the aim of helping to “grow businesses, networks and perspectives by shining a light on people, companies and trends that are challenging the status quo”.

The program now encompasses not only events but also a digital arm and the aforementioned print magazine, all designed to help maximise the program’s audience across as many platforms as possible.

The magazine will be available in selected airport and train business lounges as according to Facebook, “business leaders have limited time for long reads at work, so we've also created a physical version with journeys in mind”. The magazine will also be distributed to the platform’s clients directly. Alongside this all content will also be posted to the official Grow Facebook page and dedicated blog. This appears to be a temporary measure however as Facebook says that “a new digital home for Grow is coming soon”.

Grow will also continue to host small, invite-only Grow events in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

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