LinkedIn Expand US Military and Veterans Programs to Include Military Spouses

Img: LinkedIn 
The spouses of military personnel face a rather unique challenge when it comes to employment. The very nature of their partner’s career means that house moves and relocations due to deployment become a frequent yet inevitable obstacle when building a sustainable career path of their own; in fact a survey carried out last year found that these individuals are up to four times more likely to be faced with unemployment than their civilian counterparts, through no fault of their own.

Professional networking platform LinkedIn have recognised this fact, announcing earlier this week that they will be expanding their Military and Veterans Programs, formerly known simply as the Veterans Program, to include military spouses.

This grants military spouses one year of free access to LinkedIn’s Premium services during each move to a new installation, including access to more than 12,000 LinkedIn Learning courses, aid with finding freelance/remote work opportunities, and everything else the platform has to offer. LinkedIn will also be “working to foster this community through the DoD’s growing military spouse LinkedIn group, as well as directing employers to this community as a top source of talent.”

The post announcing the expansion of the program concluded with the affirmation, “We are excited to set out on this journey and can’t wait to see the great things the military spouse community can accomplish.”

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