The Role of Digital Marketing in Business Development [Infographic]

Owing to the advent of technology, businesses irrespective of their scale of operations are investing everything they have to keep up with the dynamics of today’s digital market. Companies which already have an online presence are beefing up their marketing strategies, and rest are rapidly moderating their business models to ensure compatibility with the promptly evolving digital world. Let’s delve into some of the statistics that will help in understanding the importance of digital marketing.

  • 72% marketers considered traditional marketing methods inadequate and moved towards digital marketing strategies to increase their revenue.
  • Approximately 49% of companies have invested in a digital marketing plan, and the numbers will substantially rise in the coming years.
  • In the coming years, over 80% of companies will increase their digital marketing budget which is speculated to go beyond the overall budget of the IT sector.
These statistics clearly indicate that digital marketing has become the need of the hour, if not the need of yesterday. To further shed light on the subject, let’s look into the advantages of digital marketing.

Infographic provided by Contentualize

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